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At Scribe, we write for the real estate industry. We craft written content for marketing agencies, designers, and real estate developers, brokers and realtors; helping them define their brand and effectively communicate with their target audience.

At Scribe, we write for the real estate industry. We craft written content for marketing agencies, designers, and real estate developers, brokers and realtors; helping them define their brand and effectively communicate with their target audience.



Search & Rescue Denim Co.

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Nestled in the arts scene of Granville Island, Search & Rescue Denim Co. specializes in creating elevated aprons and premium workwear for creative professionals. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Will Fosdick, the founder and owner of S&R, to delve into his business journey and learn more about the space that allows him to continue innovating and building on the S&R brand.


Megan: Hi Will, thanks for chatting with us today! Can you briefly describe what S&R is and how you got into this line of work? 

Will: S&R is all about empowering skilled professionals in service, hospitality, and arts with our premium, customizable aprons. It’s a brand born from a passion for design and the desire to elevate how creatives express themselves. 

A big focus is creating products that not only protect clothes and keep tools close at hand, but also elevate style and branding. Our customers are creatives that are striving to become masters of their crafts, and we create products that reflect the way they see themselves and how they want to portray themselves to the world. 

I always had a passion for design and creation, and in my twenties it became clear to me that I wanted to work for myself, become an entrepreneur, and build my own clothing brand. In 2012 a friend of mine asked me to create a denim work apron for tattooing, and from there S&R was born.

Megan: The business has been around now for over a decade. How has S&R evolved from its initial focus on custom aprons for tattoo artists?

Will: S&R started with aprons for the tattoo industry, and then expanded into aprons for barbers, hair stylists, chefs, bartenders, and many other artists and artisans. Now, we’re excitedly branching into an array of complementary products, from denim chore coats to overalls, all catering to the lifestyle of creatives.

Megan: What's the story behind the name 'Search & Rescue Denim Co'? 

Will: The name symbolizes a journey of discovering one’s creative calling, inspired by my godfather's life-saving missions with Vancouver’s North Shore Search & Rescue. It's about aiding individuals in their quest for creativity, paralleling the essence of search and rescue.

Megan: S&R has had many physical locations. It started as an at-home business, transitioned to an East Side studio, then moved to your first Granville Island location and now your current workspace, also on Granville Island. During each of those transitions, how did you know the time was right to make the jump to a more considerable working space?

Will: The growth of S&R was organic, marked by a gradual need for more space as our team and production expanded. Moving onto Granville Island was a natural step in our growth, offering us the chance to establish our own retail storefront, blending our production needs with our aspirations for a customer-facing space.

Megan: Can you share the vision for your current Granville Island location? 

Will: This store is designed to showcase our high-end, handmade products while allowing customers to see our team in action. Influenced by the elegant design of Aesop and Aime Leon Dore stores, we’re constantly refining our space to reflect a premium aesthetic that evolves with our brand.

As a former art gallery, our studio's open layout perfectly accommodates the fusion of production and retail. We’re fortunate that its a very open floor plan with great frontage, large windows, and a rolling door that allows us to open the studio up even more in warmer months. 

We're enhancing this space more with artistic elements and interactive displays, and focusing on creating an immersive atmosphere for our patrons.

Megan: How important is sustainability in your business practice?

Will: Sustainability is fundamental to S&R. We’re committed to local manufacturing in Vancouver, minimizing our environmental impact. Aiming for zero waste, we repurpose fabric and leather off-cuts, donating them for further artistic use. Our durable aprons come with a lifetime of free repairs, ensuring they live as long as possible.

Megan: Thanks, Will, for sharing your insights and journey with Search & Rescue Denim Co. Before we wrap up, is there anything else you’d like to add?

Will: Thanks for having me! To dive deeper into the world of S&R, check out our creations online, follow our journey on social media, or drop by at Granville Island. We’re excited to share our story and products with you!

Search & Rescue Denim Co.



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